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of an encore. so team obama, take heed. unleash the crackin'. let bill chill in the swing states and soon we'll be paraphrasing another literary master. the bell tolls for thee, mitt. [ bells tolling ] >> jennifer: the obama team has finally released today stumping for the president after he proved how indispensable he is by bringing down the house at last week's convention. >> since 1961, for 52 years now the republicans have held the white house 28 years. the democrats 24. in those 52 years our private economy has produced 66 million private sector jobs. so what's the job score? republicans, 24 million. democrats, 42 million. [ applause ] >> jennifer: he's right! the democrats created those 42 million jobs. in four fewer years than the republicans had when they held the presidency. clinton himself was a big pirate of that lopsided scoreboard. take a look at this. so since 1962, president george w. bush was the only president who oversaw a decline in jobs. clinton saw the biggest increase. on top of that, for
last night at the republican national convention he rolled out a new strategy to win over former obama voters. he said i know, you like him i know you were pied about him but don't you think it might be time to give someone else a try. listen. >> if you felt that excitement when you voted for barack obama shouldn't you feel that way now that he's president obama? [ applause ] you know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. [ laughter ] >> it's ok, obama voters, it's not you it's him. he let you down. it's ok to break up with him. it's the same message paul ryan pushed in his convention speech wednesday. here's that one. >> college graduates should not have to live out their 20's in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at obama posters and wondering when they can get out and get going with life. >> if you're feeling left or or passed by, you have not failed. your leaders have failed you. >> speaking of failed leaders it appears that this new strategy to appeal to former obama voters was actually dr
last night, it's disgraceful that the obama administration's first response was not to condemn attacks on our top plow our diplomatic missions but to sympathize with those who wage attacks. at the point that the cairo embassy had issued their statements, there had been no attacks. a protest was gathering. but after romney issued that statement last night, it was confirmed that, in fact, the ambassador in libya was killed. now, all of this happened and romney is publicly criticized for jumping the gun on issuing his statement before he even knew what the heck was going on. so what does he do? he doubles down on the wrongful criticism of the president. >> romney: a terrible course for america to stand in apology for our values that instead when our grounds are being attacked and being breached that the first response to the united states must be outrage at breach of the sovereignty of our nation. >> jennifer: unbelievable. the president did, in fact, express outrage of the facts. romney did it before he had the facts. he said, quote he strongly condemned the attack. the president had cho
room." i'm jennifer grandholm. a batch of new polls suggest that president obama is well on his way to winning a second term. let's take a look at a few of them. today's national journal survey likely voters have president obama ahead. president obama is also doing well in a few crucial swing states. out today, the president leads romney 48 to 44%. and in virginia romney lags 3 points behind the president. 43 to 46. but people remember do not! i repeat -- do not put the cart before the horse. joining us from berkeley is former labor secretary robert reich. thanks for sticks around because you wrote a great opinion piece in huntington post. tell us what your reaction is when you hear the pundits saying it isover. >> it's not over. don't be complaisant out there. we have two more jobs reports coming. those reports, if they are as bad as the august reports -- and they may be given what is happening in europe, china is slowing down a lot -- japan -- all around the world we have economic problems. given that, that may be that these job reports are not so good. they m
out a new strategy to win over former obama voters. he said i know you liked him. i know you were excited about him, but don't you think it might be time to give someone else a try? listen. >> romney: if you felt that excitement when you voted for barack obama, shouldn't you feel that way now that he is president obama? [ cheers and applause ] >> romney: you know there is something wrong with the kind of job he has done as president, when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jennifer: it's okay obama voters. it's not you. it's him. he let you down. it's okay to break up with him. it was the same message paul ryan pushed on wednesday. here is that one. >> college graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading obama posters, and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. [ cheers and applause ] >> if you are feeling left out for passed by, you have not failed. your leaders have failed you. >> jennifer: speaking of failed leaders, it appears
speech writer. those were three different positions in the obama and bush campaign. so you stevens is reportedly pushing for romney to keep dodging the specifics. all of this is happening as the specifics of steven's only life are becoming quite an issue. this guy is kind of amazing. not only is he a strategy and an ad maker and speech writer but he is also an adventurer, and a hollywood screen writer and on top of all of that he was a strategist, for bob dole mccain, and george w. bush. now romney is trying to place the problems squarely on steven's shoulders. hum. but it is really stevens' fault or is he maybe beingscape goated as republicans trip over each other running away from mitt romney. here is the truth. it isn't the strategist it's not even the candidate. but the truth is it's the policies stupid. as conservative commentator dave frum tweeted this morning . . . and you know what he's right? the majority of americans just are not buying what the republicans are selling. republicans are pushing tax cuts for the wealthy, but a whopping 58% of americans be
obama still isn't doing enough, check this out. in the 37 months following the recession, about 3.5 million private-sector jobs have been created. but in the 37 months after any 2001 recession, 1.1 million private sector jobs were created. the bush administration created far fewer jobs than the obama administration. but the devastating layoffs is making this recovery even slower than it needs to be because in june jail economies, peter schott and ben polok suggested that the national unemployment rate would be a full point lower if the government sector rebounded as it has in previous sectors. joining me now is laura tyson. she is a member of president obama's council on jobs and competitiveness. and we're also joined by larry cohen, president of the communication workers of america. he represents 700,000 workers across the u.s. and canada, including 140,000 public-sector employees. to both of you, welcome back inside "the war room." >> thank you jennifer. >> great to be with you. >> jennifer: great to have you, larry. let me start with laura first. we have
and certifying the story that the obama campaign has told for months now that mitt romney is a guy who doesn't care about people. who likes to lay them off. who doesn't really share their end it very quickly, you're going to be taken down by it. >> jennifer: his own words continue to reinforce that very impression. but he's got this book called no apologies so it seems as though he has said or his team has said you cannot walk anything back or else you will look weak. but in fact, the narrative about him being a rich guy is worse than him looking weak for having recognized he's made a mistake. >> yeah, i think governor, i think they made a terrible mistake after they secured the nomination of the republican party. they had a chance, then, to reposition themselves. like bill clinton did, for example, in 1992. at the center of the political mainstream in america. but instead of doing that and instead of spending the spring and summer introducing mitt romney in terms of his values, laying out a framework substant live framework for a
hd to barack obama? >> call bill clinton every morning. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: that's newt gingrich offering president obama some unsolicited advice. meanwhile the obama and romney campaigns are managing expectations. even the most ardent democrat would admit that president obama isn't the best debater. but according to beth myers . . . >> jennifer: and then president obama's top political advisor is just as glowing about mitt romney . . . they are so funny, my opponent he is abe lincoln and daniel webster all rolled into one. isn't that kind of weird hearing the campaign say such nice things about their opponents? believe me it's not going to last and it's all part of managing expectations before the debate. for more i'm joined by one of the country's foremost experts on the subject. samuel popkin who is a professor of political science at the university of san diego. he has worked on campaigns going back to the 1970s, and he is also the author of "the candidate." welcome back inside "the war room," profez or. >> it's a pleasure to be back with you gove
the wmur granite state poll shows president obama leading mitt romney 45% to 44%. all of them, 5% or more lead shown by the president. the numbers do not lie. now, if you add all of those data polling points together, it would mean an electoral college landslide for the president. okay. hit the pause button. that doesn't mean it's a done deal for sure. as we learned over the last 48 hours, a lot can happen over the next 54 days. but polling prognosticators are making it clear that romney is staring at very long odds and a very steep climb. "the new york times"' own election forecaster nate silver breaks it down like this. if the election were held today president obama has a 92% chance of winning and get this, the latest polls from fox cnn "washington post" abc news and rasmussen, all of those give the president even or better marks than romney on handling the economy! which is the one issue that was supposed to be romney's strength. yes, mr. romney, the data says you need to press the panic button! but you know
. >> jennifer: so he would get rid of obama care except for the plan's most popular features, the ones like the poll well, eliminating exclusions for pre-existing conditions. just a few hours after he said that on mean bheep his intox bhan told the conservative national review, he was not proposing a federal bhand date to require insurance plans to offer insurance to people with before he existing conditions. he wasn't, huh sphwh but it doesn't even end there because after that, yet another campaign aide told "buzzfeed" that actually maybe he would require insurers to cover pre-existing conditions. saying romney will ensure that discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions who maintain continuous coverage is prohibited. what! another flip-flop. then today on the campaign trail... romney etch-a-sketch all over these pesky policy details and he just said this. >> and i want to get rid of obama care because it is killing jobs and small businesses. >> jennifer: wait. so now he's back to getting rid of all o
is what, five, six, seven eight points behind barack obama right now. is that the same kind of polling you guys are finding with your internal? >> it is not consistent with our polling. >> jennifer: when abc's david muir asked mitt romney about polls that showed his 47% comment had actually hurt him mitt romney comes naturally. he lied about it. >> well, i'm very pleased with some polls. less so with other polls but frankly at this early stage polls go up and polls go down. as you look at the national polls, you see i'm tied in the national polls. >> jennifer: in fact, it is just not true. the latest national gallup poll from today has the president up by 6 points. gallup that far left, skewed organization. but there does seem to be little room for reality in the current republican party. so the polls themselves have become the latest right wing scapegoat. so today fox news picked up the theme. >> are the swing states really swinging toward the president or could there possibly be some skewing going on b
about whether mitt romney can recover from this week's stumbles and what the obama campaign should be doing is wayne slater. wayne is a seen i don't know political writer for the dallas morning news and theco author of two very famous made george w. bush presidential," and "the architect: karl rove and the dream of absolute power." wayne is coming to tell us what is inside karl rove's brain. thank you for joining us inside "the war room." >> great to be with you, governor. >> great to have you back. after all we have seen and after all of these polls, it is over for romney? >> yeah, if we were playing texas hold'em, i think i would rather have president obama's hand than mitt romney's hand. but you can always draw something at the river and win in the end. any democrat who thinks the relative success of the obama campaign from the failures of the romney campaign means he is doomed is living in a fantasy land. >> i appreciate what you are saying. i think a lot of people look at this and say it's over. you know more than anybody about karl rove, do you think
obama could have taken action. seven times he said no. his policies cost us 2 million job. obama had years to stand up to china. we can't afford four more. >> i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> today he was at it again on the campaign trail in colorado. >> so when we put together agreements that make sure they favor us at least as much as it does then. countries like china that cheat i will stop it. we cannot allow them to steal american jobs unfairly. >> now mitt romney is standing up for fairness in american jobs! sound a little fishy? well, it is. in fact, the best way to see where mitt romney's heart is is to ignore all the bluster and rhetoric and just follow the money. as it turns out romney actually invested thousands of dollars in that video site youku just last year. so now he's criticizing the president for not doing enough to crack down on the type of company that he himself has invested in in china! and believe me, it is not just youku. through bain he has invested in the chinese company gome. investing in uniview helps the chinese government spy on its own p
, obama shouldn't celebrate too much because he is only at 50% favorability. that said i think it's important to look at the trend. the question is will the trend hold? >> jennifer: right. karl an article that was in "politico" today actually lays the blame of mitt romney's flailing candidacy solely at mitt romney's feet. do you agree with that? >> in part. if mitt romney's, you know message that's getting out there -- i think his big mistake was thinking he could push this extremely conservative agenda and get elected president. but he is only reflects the modern republican party that is controlled by the tea party at the moment. and that's one of the reasons he is having such troubles this time around. >> jennifer: yeah i think the effort to blame mitt romney for this is part of the scapegoating beginning right now. the republican party is to blame for the ridiculous positions that the mitt romney platform and the republican party platform holds. now let me ask you, cheryl because we're seeing some excitement in iowa with this early voting. we know that ohi
of 90 million actually favor president obama by more than 2 to 1. now the republicans seem to think that they have got a shot at those 90 million. at their convention karl rove told a group of wealthy donors that quote, the people we really have to win over in this election voted for barack obama. and in the "wall street journal" he was even more direct. >> it was exactly those voters who former president clinton seemed to be going after when he made the case for giving the president more time to solve the country's problems. take a listen. >> in tampa the republican argument against the president re-election, was actually pretty simple pretty snappy. it went something like this. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough to fire him and put us back in. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just four years. [ cheers and applause ] >> no one could have done it. that was a great line. now the president himself reached out to his 2008 suppo
there was no warning. >> we were not aware of any intelligence. >> reporter: president obama has deployed troops equipped for combat to libya and yemen. if anti-american activity woesens in the middle east after four days of protests and violence. they launched tear gas into a sea of protesters today. many here say the movie is blaspfamous. the president spoke to ten minutes on tv trying to calm tensions. >> jennifer: i'm joined again by jeanine, welcome back inside "the war room." you are fast becoming our "war room" expert on the middle east. really appreciate it. let's start with what happened today. the u.s. has disavowed the film and yet this wave of violence has spread to 20 countries now including sedan, tunisharc and others. can the governments do something to quell the violence? >> some can and some can't and some will and some won't. i think it's important to put in context it's not exclusively about this film anymore. in sudan, you had a sikh there come out and it was friday prayers, people were amped up. >> jennifer: do you think it's more of an anti western series
that actually president obama doesn't really need to prove because voters seem to understand that he cares. but what they're less sure of is the president's plan for the future and so that's why today the president laid out very specific economic proposals such as double exports create a million new manufacturing jobs. >> obama: right now, i'm asking you to choose a better path than the one that my opponents offer. one that helps big factories and small businesses double their exports. that sells more goods stamped with made in america than the rest of the world. we can create one million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years with the right policies. >> jennifer: so will the president's argument be enough to help him win ohio as did he, very narrowly in the last election? we'll see. but if we can learn anything from the new polls it's that when it comes to this presidential race, things can change in an instant. for more on the battle for ohio and what's at stake in this election, we turn to washington and perhaps the
shading the truth, approximate perpetuating that false narrative that president obama should have done more his first two years because he had a super majority. that is a filibuster proof 60 or more senate seats, 60 or more democrats sitting in the chairs, which allows one party to pass legislation without votes from the other. don't forget a president, the president needed a super majority because of the republicans unprecedented use of the filibuster as an obstruction tactic. in fact, they have filibustered over 400 times in this past session. so here's the deal. the real deal. there actually was no two year super majority for the president, and this time line shows the facts. president obama was sworn in on january 20 2009. he was sworn in. and that obviously meant that he was sworn in with a group of senators, 58 of them to support his agenda, 58. he should have had 59, but republicans contested democratic senator al franken's election in minnesota. he didn't get seated for seven months, so the president's cause was helped in april, when pennsylvania's republican senatorar lynn spe
, competition in the market place. >> obama: how do we pool resources at the same time as we decentralize delivery systems in ways that will foster competition, can work in the market place and can foster innovation at the local level and can be tailored to particular communities. >> jennifer: ahh! decentralization competition market place! oh, my goodness me! karl marx, he is not! today, "the washington post" fact checker gave the romney campaign's claim four pinocchios and this is what they wrote. his remarks were taken completely out of context. obama is not talking about all. instead, he speaks about competition, the market place and innovation. nevertheless, the romney campaign seized on the remarks as evidence of obama's apparently socialist tendencies. now, it's obviously no big surprise that the romney campaign would lie because they've been doing this with great abandon but the really outrageous thing is that at the very same time he's trying to label the president as the big bad, redistributor, he's also assuring e
.8%. today, it is 15.1%. poverty is a topic you won't hear president obama or governor mitt romney talk much about on the campaign trail. and that has got our next guest fired up and motivated. tavis smiley is the author of "the rich and the rest of us." he hosts his own show on pbs. he's a long-time advocate for the country's most vulnerable and tomorrow, he along with theological professor cornell west, kick off their poverty 2.0 tour. the tour coincides with new numbers to be released tomorrow by the u.s. census bureau. those numbers expect to show that america's poverty rate is the worst in half a century. tavis is coming to us tonight from broadview heights ohio. welcome inside "the war room." >> governor granholm, good to be on your program and congratulations on a powerful speech at the democratic convention. i know that our mutual friend was smiling ear to ear at that brilliant presentation of yours. >> jennifer: the judge. i clerked for judge keith. he's like family to me. tavis, too and to a lot of us. it is nice
about 20% since 1992. but there are very few specifics and a lot of questions, which the obama campaign is already on the case asking. they have asked for more information about his overseas investments, ties to bain capital, more information about those last 20 years of returns. so even though the mitt romney campaign probably thought they could slide by this on a friday afternoon when no one was watching, as you know the conversation is clearly far from over. coming to us tonight from bleshgly to help untangle mitt romney's tax web is former labor secretary robert reich. welcome back inside "the war room." >> thank you very much, jennifer. it's interesting. not only did they wait until friday afternoon to do this but also what the romney people want least of all is continuation of the buzz over the videotape because romney to many americans is beginning to look like someone who is not only wealthy, out of touch and privileged but also quite powerful. romney is paying an effective tax rate below what a lot of middle class people pay largely because private equity m
. back in 2008, candidate obama carried 66% of the youth vote. he was as some described it, a rock star. but he's since slipped 10 points in the youth demo. jeff tweedy knows a thing or two about rock stars and the out-sized expectations that fans place on them. >> i think everybody participated in a certain amount of magical thinking four years ago. i think there is a political reality and just a reality to the fact that you can't snap your fingers and have everything be fixed overnight. but i kind of thing -- i'm not saying this as an advocacy for president obama i just kind of see a romney victory as being a few steps back from that. and just a typical pendulum swing, it doesn't really accomplish anything. i would love to see that end. >> jennifer: so far head count is registered more than 50,000 people and actually hope to double that figure in time for november's election. up next, we're digging into "the war room" archives and unearthing some game-changing slip-ups from past presidential debates. we'll speak with
, there are many issues in this race. that to me is still the main issue. if in the debates obama can drive home to people watching the debates what that budget means and what the implications of it are, this that would be very important. >> jennifer: we talked about polls earlier in the show. it showed that president obama did get a bump from his convention despite the lack luster jobs numbers. if you are in the obama war room, do you think he would be feel confident about winning in november despite the jobs numbers? >> i don't know. i haven't quite -- i haven't joined the parade of people saying oh, boy look at this bounce. the fact remains that there are still -- it is still very close in a lot of swing states. and you know, basically within the margin of error in some of the states. romney has much more of a climb than obama has. there's no question about that. but when you think about who the undecided voters are that's a group of voters, they're mostly white noncollege educated voters and that's a group that went
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)